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When purchasing a property, villa, Riad, apartment or field, you should be certain that you will not face with any unwanted surprises once the transaction has gone through. To prevent these surprises you can get in touch with our MGLS Transaction Services Team, who will perform due diligence.

Due diligence provides insight into the most significant financial drivers and risks. And you will be able to confirm the financial, commercial, operational and strategic rationale for the proposed real estate transaction.

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Real Estate Services

We support our client with a broad experience level in feasibility and due diligence, which assists clients in determining the best location for their business and the best approach for an investment property.

We help our clients determine the acquisition price, timing, the best financing and transaction structure that will benefit them the most.

We work with a vast network of licensed commercial real estate brokers to assist in markets throughout Morocco.

We assist in valuation and the structure of a sale transaction to maximize the value of the asset.

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